Preparing For Your Office Visit
The Retina Center of Vermont is a specialty eye practice limited to the treatment of diseases and surgery of the retina and vitreous. This includes retinal tears and detachment, diabetes-related eye disorders, macular degeneration, eye injuries and vitreous conditions. (See Retinal Disorders.)

Patients that are new to our practice will have a comprehensive consultation as well as possible additional testing ordered by the doctor.

What to Expect
The length of your appointment can vary based on the severity and complexity of your eye condition, and whether or not we are caring for emergency patients. The average appointment length is between two to three hours in order for us to properly evaluate your condition.

Both of your eyes will be dilated and can affect your ability to drive. It is recommended that you arrange transportation to and from our office. As we are a referral practice, with unpredictable emergencies sent to us for our immediate attention, our appointment schedule at times can be delayed.

Bring With You
It may be helpful to bring the following with you to your office visit:

• Your medical insurance cards.
• Authorization from your primary care doctor or health insurance plan.
• A list of your medications with dosages. Be sure to include any and all eye drops!
• Diabetic patients should consider bringing a snack.
• Eyeglasses for distance and near vision.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your office visit. Our staff can also help answer many of your questions regarding billing & insurance.